Bitcoin, how to earn Bitcoin and how to collect it


What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that has become famous in the world in recent times, the value of one currency has become between 65,000 to 75,000 US dollars in the year 2021, which led to the regret of many that they did not know this currency.
While the old currency users became rich by this year, after this currency rose significantly, despite the profits generated by this currency, it is a very dangerous currency.
To learn more about this currency, follow this article to the last.
What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009
This currency drew attention to the fact that it became more valuable than the dollar in itself, as it is famous because it is the mother currency in the world of the Internet, and it is also an encrypted and illegal currency that is still not recognized as an official flag by countries.
This currency is available on a modern system for buying and selling via the Internet, it is considered a decentralized network, which means that its users around the world are the ones who manage the currency management is not a specific group, also the currency operates with a discount system for discount.
Satoshi Nakamoto has designed this coin in a way that he himself cannot control, and therefore this makes users around the world feel reassured because this coin is not under the control of any group.
Many programmers are also working on improvements to this currency, but they cannot control the protocol for Bitcoin.
Earning and collecting Bitcoin
After this rise in the price of bitcoin, it has become difficult to buy it, so there are sites that allow you to get bitcoin by collecting it in parts, that is, this has become the same as collecting points to win a product, we will now show you these websites Which gives you the opportunity to collect bitcoins:
1- Bitcoinker site
If you are a fan of puzzle games and decoding puzzles, this site will enable you to enjoy these games, and do not forget to collect bitcoins as well. If you want to visit the site, click here: Bitcoinker
This site is the best and most popular site that allows the masses to earn bitcoin, and it is distinguished from the rest of the sites through:
Ease of use
The possibility of profit every 5 minutes This means an abundance of earning per day, which saves a lot of time and effort.
This site deals with the Satoshi currency, which is part of Bitcoin.
2- Bonus Bitcoin Site
As this site is one of the most popular sites for us people to earn satoshi currency, you can also visit the site to view and learn about it from here Bonus Bitcoin , and it has advantages that you know with us:
The huge profit it brings to the users
Profiting from this site is also very easy, profit is made from it by simply answering the opinion polls that the site recommends, in addition to the fact that every opinion poll you answer through which the satoshi coin is collected.
The Bitcoinker site differs from the Bonus Bitcoin site in that it allows profit every quarter of an hour, not every 5 minutes like the previous site, but this period of time is okay.
Also, we do not find any administrative expenses on the likes of money, thus saving money.
One of the best features of this site is that it gives users huge profits when inviting any friend to join the site through it.
Bitcoin . site
It is considered the most important and trusted site, as it is an official currency site and not a side branch of it, because this site gives users free satoshi coins when creating a wallet on this site, and you can create your own wallet by entering its official site from here: Bitcoin
Moon Bitcoin 
This site does not need a lot of time between each financial transaction, this site is similar to Bitcoinker in terms of the ability to withdraw from it every 5 minutes, and it is also similar to the Bonus Bitcoin site of currencies that users give when they invite their friends, and you can learn more about the site from here .
Familybtc . website 
This site is one of the most well-deserved sites to earn from. Let us know about the advantages of this site:
• It is possible to get lazy from this site every hour, ie every 15 minutes.
• It is also one of the best features that it offers, which is 100% laziness when inviting your friends, which distinguishes it from the rest of the sites.
Also, the minimum withdrawal from this site enables you to withdraw once you reach 0.0003 Bitcoin.
• The method of profit from it depends on answering opinion polls about the questionnaires only.
Freebitco موقع site
Since the release of this site, Freebitco has gained unbelievable fame, so that it was separated from many sites in the same field, and thus became one of the best sites to earn satoshis. You can view this site and learn more about it here, Freebitco .
CoinPayu site
This site gives users from 100 to 1000 satoshi every 5 minutes, which makes it deservedly the best place among the sites that enable us to earn satoshi currency, to view the site click here CoinPayu
Information about  CoinPayu
By using the site, you should be aware of this information:
• This site does not allow collecting currency until an hour has passed since the last transaction. This is why it does not rank in the list of sites that allow fast Friday prayer, but it is better than others.
• One of the features of this site is the feature of competitions that are approved by the site periodically and continuously, and the user’s gift is the currency of satoshi.
It also earns you for inviting your friends.
There is a flaw in this site, which is that it is not possible to earn money less than 3,000 satoshis.
Earn Bitcoin by playing 
How do you get all the bitcoin and what is the bitcoin and how to earn it? This dream has become a reality, by playing on the Internet, you can collect or a quarter of the bitcoin, the digital currency that has become the talk of the hour, so we will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with some sites that allow but to earn currency through playing, and they are as follows:
• site Lootbits : lets you earn currency Alsatoshi through play.
• Cointiply site : This site gives you free gifts and points on a daily basis, in addition to earning currency from it.
Site • Llcoins lets you earn currency every minute this is the best sites to earn profit through.
• sterile Bitfun site This gives many rewards to play but in the unseen , which is slow laziness and his advertising excite players provoke a lot.
What do bitcoin grant sites benefit from?
We talked about Bitcoin and how to earn it, and how can we all? But there is a question that comes to mind, which is, what is the benefit of sites that give money to the public?! Find out with us the answer to this question;
The public money sites are the biggest beneficiary so that he gets huge gains through users that exceed the user’s gains through the site, so that the advertising companies display their ads on these sites and pay them generously to be viewed, and also buy opinion polls so that a study is carried out and profit from them By studying and understanding the mentality of customers.
currency trading 
Despite the popularity of the currency around the world, there are people who do not doubt the fact that this digital currency is circulating among people on the Internet, but it is true that this currency is used by a large layer of audiences around the world.
There are some places around the world that allow payment by Bitcoin, but despite this this currency has not yet swept all sectors around the world, but since it is a new currency, it has achieved great success in a few years.
Advantages of Bitcoin Financial Transactions
1- Security: Although there is no party that controls the currency and owns the currency, it is a highly cryptographic currency, as its inventor cannot even tamper with its protocol, and the information related to financial transactions related to the currency is encrypted and protected.
2- Freedom of financial dealing: the user can send or receive any amount of money at any time, which gives them an opportunity to take control of matters.
3- International: it can be dealt with in any country in the world. It is not useful for any place.
4- There are no additional fees: Bitcoin does not have any hidden expenses or fees or a government that controls it and imposes taxes on it.
5- Against spying: Bitcoin keeps the information of any transaction or financial transaction it has made, and does not keep the personal information of people and thus provides protection against spies and thieves.
6- The speed of transferring and receiving money
Disadvantages of financial transactions 
 The bitcoin currency is not recognized in many countries of the world, despite its popularity, which is increasing day by day, but it is still a strange currency.
• Because of the number of businesses traded in the currency, any business operation can have a negative or positive impact on it.
The currency is still in its infancy and therefore it is subject to many influences, in order to provide protection for it, which makes it a very dangerous currency.
It may also be used in illegal operations.
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