Five 5 ways to profit from Facebook


The best ways to make money from Facebook for the year 2021:

Facebook has become a powerful platform for making money, with more than a billion users of all nationalities due to the possibility of using it in most fields, whether scientific, commercial, cultural or educational.. One of the best ways to make money from Facebook is:

 Sell your own product through your Facebook page

If you have a private page on Facebook with good content that has attracted a large number of fans and the percentage of gaining interaction from followers is increasing significantly, you can now move to an important stage in your career, which is promoting some of your products to achieve fantastic sales and attract The most important target customers and thus achieve Facebook fame.

The Facebook page is one of the effective and sure ways to profit, even for women who make traditional women’s products such as decorative accessories, baskets with designs that mix originality and heritage, antiques, adornment on some materials such as crystals and fabrics and other products where they can create a page on Facebook and sell in it. Almost all users of this site in the world use this method to market their various business activities and thus earn money. It is an effective, easy, free, and inexpensive method, according to all.

 Profit from Facebook by selling pages after they are enlarged

If you have a scientific qualification in a specific field and provide some interesting blogs and topics that have attracted millions of followers, you can now sell your Facebook page to those who want to use it from some platforms currently specialized in buying and selling these pages, and this is, of course, after contracting with you and agreeing to use your page for the purpose you want It was established for it, not with the aim of changing its name and subject, and for a sum of money to be determined in advance.

And the matter will not stop there, but you can create other pages that collect a significant amount of likes and sell them after you enlarge them in the same way to become, after a short time, the owners of money, everyone rushes to you to buy what you write.

 Profit from Facebook by promoting other pages for followers

This particular method is adopted by many smart and experienced Facebook users who have the ability to persuade and bring in many followers daily on their own pages, as their viewership may reach more than 10,000 people.

If you are among them and your page is gaining good interaction with people and a significant amount of fans, then you can send a message to another page telling them that they can promote their ads on your page for a sum of money. It is a profitable and easy way, but it requires craftsmanship, vigilance and hard work to compete with other people from all over the world and get a golden job opportunity.

 Profit from Facebook by marketing companies or products

When you include in your blog useful and interesting topics that talk about diverse and persuasive fields, you become very popular and many fans follow you, so it is obvious that you receive some advertisement offers for products or services of multiple companies in order to market them on your own page. These offers naturally include a cover page placement that includes the advertised brand name. You have or posts promoting products, posting great success stories of these companies, or posting statistics regarding their popularity if it is a general and diversified information page.

 Profit from Facebook by sharing revel links

There are many sites that offer ways to earn money, and among these methods, we mention the revel, which is your link that you can share with other people to register on the site through you, but provided that you get a fee. For example, you can share this link by writing an interesting and interesting blog post or article that talks about a specialty The site and how to use to make money.

How to make a page on Facebook – Facebook Pages

In the end, perhaps the biggest obstacle to you in these ways is to create a fan page. If you do not already have a page and want to create a Facebook page correctly and professionally in order to succeed in making a profit from it, this is what I intend to help you with.

Steps to create an official page on Facebook in detail – the new look of Facebook


How can I create a Facebook page? In this part we will explain together how to create an official page on Facebook for the new look

In easy and simple steps as follows

 Log in to the user’s Facebook account.

 Go to the link to create a new Facebook page from here.

 Choose the type of Facebook page you want to create.

 Choose the name of the page and the category to which your page belongs.

 Add a profile picture to your Facebook page.

 Add a cover photo.

Click on Create Page.

The most important settings that you need to do after creating a Facebook page

Invite your friends and relatives who are interested in your page to like and invite them to share with their friends.

Encourage your fans to share the page

Comment on other pages with the name of your page

Modify page information (description, contact, address, opening hours, privacy policy link..)

Activate the response assistant (for instant reply to messages)

Add a button on your Facebook page to take the user to your site, or to communicate immediately with you

Modify the page name link to look more professional (Username)

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