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Welcome to our website, Life Tricks. In today’s article, we will talk about the Snapchat application, what is Snapchat, how did it become popular on Snapchat, in this article we will answer all your questions, follow us to the last.

We are in the age of modernity and technology. We do not hide the popularity of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, as well as Snapchat, which in a short period of time reached more than 186 million users, according to statistics.
What is snapchat?!
Snapchat  is a social media application, created by Stanford University students, Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy, this application allows its users to exchange photos and videos, and enables you to edit photos and add filters to them, share them with friends and tag them.
How to be famous on snapchat
Social media platforms have become circulating in the hands of users in our time through smart phones, the way to use these platforms correctly, and they talked in previous articles about how to become famous on Instagram, how to become famous on Twitter and how to become famous in Tech Tok .
In this article, we will talk about ways to help you become famous on Snapchat. Learn about these methods by reading this article carefully.
How to become famous on snapchat?
Achieving fame on Snapchat is not easy, especially because the comment service is not available in this application because Snapchat depends on publishing videos as in the Tik Tok application, but there is a difference between Snapchat and Tik Tok, because Tik Tok allows commenting on videos, I Snapchat does not have this feature.
Therefore, we conclude that comments are an ideal way to convey the idea of ​​the content you provide to the largest group of users, but do not guess too much. I will help you and guide you on the ways of being famous in the Snapchat application.
How to become a Snapchat celebrity
There are two sections that interest you as a content provider, or about the nature of the content that you will provide on Snapchat: Follow this explanation to the end.
how to be famous on snap
1- Put an attractive photo, and take a photo that fits the character you will present on Snapchat.
2- Do not change your profile picture frequently, keep it, because this picture will be the means of visual communication through which followers will recognize you.
3- You must always be dressed, never put any picture or cut a video while you are in a state that is not satisfied with it, always the idea that you are followed by millions of users.
4- You must always behave yourself, as the saying goes, “the character of me is to be normal”, because the followers do not like the fake person, and therefore who is always your nature.
How to become famous on snapchat / What content will I provide to become famous on snapchat?
1- Advice Before publishing any video, think carefully about the content that you will provide, regardless of the nature of the content, in order not to distract the followers.
2- You have to  focus on the content that you will provide  , and do not  repeat the content, and above all you have to love the content that you will provide so that I can always provide the best.
3- You have to be convincing, and perfect for the content you provide in order to attract followers, and all this depends on the extent of your love that you provide.
4- You have to put pictures and videos on a regular basis.
5- You have to work with others, because you need help, do not be selfish, remember this.
6- You should use your friends to publish your content.
7-  Do not neglect your social networking sites, this is your way to spread your content.
8- If you want to publish your content on Facebook, use the screen recorder (enregistreur d’écran), that is, record your screen on Snap, and publish the video on Facebook, so that they know your content and follow you through it.
9- Whenever you post a video or photo, make sure you share it with everyone and make sure that it is not visible to your friends only.
10-  Enable the feature to share your location on snapchat, because this feature is important in spreading content to the people who use it, because most snapchat users are looking for the people who surround them by using this feature.
11- Never despair, you have to continue and be patient, do not move yourself to frustration, you should always be optimistic, and you will see the results that you aspire to.
At the end of the article, I hope that today’s topic was at the level of your aspirations. I tried as much as possible to convey it to you in a simple way and explanation. I also recommend that you read this article carefully and understand it well.
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