How to earn from google play apps


Today, mobile applications are used in almost any industry. You can make money with mobile apps in many different ways. When your app is popular and ranks highly in the app stores, you will make a lot of money. Knead through ad revenue and in-app sales.

We can easily say that Google Play Store is the leading application platform today. It is still growing day by day, with Android users outnumbering iOS users by almost 3 times. Play Store is where they get their apps securely. Now, I’m sure you’ll want to know how to make money on the Google Play Store. This source is very good for every beginner

Let’s take a look at the options to make it happen

Sell ​​your app on the Google Play Store.

The most direct way to make money from the Google Play Store is to sell your app. Though, if you want your users to prefer your paid app over the free ones, you will need to provide a much better service than that.

Earn money from in-app purchases

In-app purchases are one of the most popular ways to generate money with the app. They are commonly used in games and entertainment applications. Offering items like game cash, new characters, character outfits, etc. can be desirable enough for users to pay for. This way you can keep your app free to download and enjoy, but at the same time you can make money with it.

Earn money by advertising within the app

According to surveys, 49% of mobile apps display in-app ads. While past ad revenue was behind in-app purchases. This option also allows you to provide the app for free to users. So, you can get a lot of users to download and try the app. Unlike the in-app purchase option, users will not need to pay anything to enjoy your app. You can use in-app sales and ads together to make more money with your app. Although this also needs a good balance.

Another point to keep in mind is don’t place giant ads every few minutes. This will distract the users from what they are trying to do, and it will affect the user experience negatively which could make them alienate your app. A way to get users to happily consume ads is to offer rewards for watching ad videos. You may offer users credits, coupons, or game items to view ads. This way, they will choose to watch ads of their own free will, and feel happy about it.


Earn money with care

If you can get a sponsorship deal for your app, its benefits can be multiple. First, a well-known sponsor can help with the publicity of your application. Then, a good sponsorship deal can cover many design, development and marketing costs, thus increasing your revenue.

Generate money with subscription system

If your app fits the subscription model, this can also help you make money. If you create and share content on your app, you may allow subscribers to access new content before free users.

let’s summarize

The world of mobile apps is growing and innovating every day. However, these methods still appear as primary ways to earn money from the Google Play Store. You can choose one, or a combination of several among these options. Though, you will need to make your choice according to the type and functionality of the app.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is difficult to promote paid apps in the Google Play Store. Not saying that it is impossible. of course no. However, with free or freemium apps, you are more likely to get users to download your app.

As you can see, there are many ways to earn money with free apps. Just make sure not to overload with ads and in-app purchases. It may end up alienating users. Remember that you will need as many active users as possible to earn money with free apps.

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