How to earn money from the new spotlight platform | how to earn money from snapchat


What is Spotlight.. How to start earning with Snaps

How to earn from the new spotlight platform | how to earn from snapchat

Adwaa platform is the best place for you to spend your own activity shooting your snapshots or videos that you can turn into a source of profit for you. The Spotlight feature has been activated within the Snapchat app, and you can join or register with it after you actually start sending videos through your account, and everything you send videos is subject to ratings, statistics, and variable factors adopted by the platform. In determining the monetary gain, and you can learn about the terms of the spotlight and the criteria of the videos in this article below

podium spotlight terms

Adwaa wants the publisher to be creative in presenting only its content. Do not attempt to provide political content or promote paid advertisements related to companies or any other services. The foregoing is against the terms of Adwaa Al-Adwaa. The user will also take into account the criteria that their video clip is vertical, embedded audio, still images, horizontal clips, blurred clips and also clips containing text only can be displayed

How to activate my financial earning platform Adwa

When you broadcast your premium clips that can be up to 60 seconds long and the terms apply on the Spotlight platform on the Snapsat app, you will receive a notification that when you open it will take you to the profile, and you will be asked to complete it      with some information to activate the payment service

First name / Last name / Email address / State / Country of residence / Telephone number / Date of birth

If you enter correct information about yourself or your legal guardian, you will receive instructions on how to activate your snappay account via email

By following the instructions emailed from snapchat pay via partner Hyperwallet to [email protected] , you will receive a message with a link to create your account and complete the instructions for paying taxes

Important note, if you don’t activate your winnings within 90 days of receiving the first notification within the Snapchat app, you will lose your pending financial winnings


A minimum financial winnings is set at $250 in order to be eligible to receive your payment benefits, and money can be sent through several payment options, whether it’s a bank account or PayPal

Video job presentation

Click the camera tab to start creating a video of your own in Spotlight within the Snapchat app, clips can also be posted from your camera roll

Press and hold the record icon to create your favorite shot, then release the button

Now you can insert any editing or effects as design tools to make your video look good

Click (Send to) at the bottom right of the screen

You may need to agree to the list of conditions by clicking Agree or Agree

Snap recommends adding the hashtag #Add Topic to the Submit To page at the bottom of the page, to make it easier to find similar or related clips you offer

Then press the send button

This was all about registering in Adwaa platform and its most important conditions as well as how to activate the My Financial Gains tab that was explained in detail and hopefully it will benefit everyone and start sending their stories to get financial profit from Snapchat app as mentioned. To become famous on snapchat and to know more about it visit

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