How to earn money from YouTube in detail for beginners

How to earn money from YouTube in detail for beginners
When you create your own YouTube channel, you must first think about how to attract a large number of followers to the success of your channel, and this will be done through the way you respond to comments.
Also, you must fulfill all the wishes of the audience who follows you and publish the type of videos they ask to watch, and you must also take care of whether the videos you publish are free of prohibitions, and when you do all this, you must follow these steps:
The first step is to create a private channel on YouTube, through your own Google account.
You have to choose the account in a good way, as the account name must be proportional to the name of your killers, as well as to the content that you will apply.
The videos that you will publish on your own channel must be short and of high quality at the same time.
If your videos at the beginning of your YouTube career are not good, do not worry about this and despair, as time will improve and you will gain experience.
How do I benefit from YouTube and achieve large viewership rates?
There are some ways that help achieve high viewership rates and thus benefit from YouTube. Learn about these methods with me:
1- You should pay attention to constantly updating your channel, because in this way you will gain a lot of followers.
2- You must choose an excellent logo for your channel, and this logo must be appropriate for your content that you provide on your channel.
3-  You should consider the words that describe your videos, because these words will help viewers to find your channel and follow your videos.
3- Therefore, when you collect a lot of followers for your channel, you will get many views, and the more views, the more profit.
4- You have to share your videos and your channel link on social media to get a large number of views.
           How to profit from the Internet 
There are many steps that you must adhere to to make profits online, including:
 In order to make a lot of profits on YouTube, you must collect ten thousand views, but before that you must click on the box that says Monetize with Ads.
• After you have downloaded the clip, you must enter a video manager, then press the $ sign, and then click on the profitable monetization through advertising.
• Now you must create an account in Google Adsense, the account will be free, just click on Subscribe.
• After you subscribe to Google Adsense, it is confirmed that you are more than 18 years old in order to register your data.
After all this, you will be asked to choose the method by which you can obtain your account, if it is through Western Union  or by sending the account to any private bank.
How do I calculate YouTube earnings? 
1- In the beginning, the percentage of profits will be very small, these profits will be by clicking on watching the advertisement or watching the videos.
2- Do not worry, because this amount will double if the viewership percentage increases.
4- If you download these videos and make profits, you will have to read the analyzes to benefit.
5- The analyzes that we mentioned you will find in the list at the top of the channel, which shows the percentage of views of the videos, and it also shows geographic factors such as the location of the viewer from which country I mean.
6- You should look closely at how I can market your channel, and this is done by creating a blogger blog or placing some links to your videos on some sites.
Accounting method from youtube
 YouTube will pay you an amount estimated from half a dollar to $2 per thousand views.
YouTube determines the amount by the number of viewers, the place of assistance, and the strength of the channel.
Profiting from YouTube is easy because it is easy to get money without making a little effort.
But it is difficult to attract a large number of viewers, because this will require some experience and time from you.
If you have a talent, you should use it to make the profit you aspire to, because you will attract many views.
You can also display a lot of diverse topics such as cooking, distance teaching, or exercise solutions. There are many options that attract viewers.
We have come to the end of this simplified article on how to profit from YouTube in detail for beginners. We hope that our explanation will be accessible. Bye in an upcoming topic.

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