how to make money from instagram


Profit from Instagram is a mystery to many, and they wonder how to profit from it while sitting in their homes, and how can they create a profitable project through it?

In this article, we will explain some ways and ideas to earn or profit from Instagram. Follow this article with us to the end, and may it benefit you;
How to profit from Instagram?
1- Ways to earn from Affiliate:
Affiliate marketing is the most important and most important type of marketing and the most profitable, but there are many people who do not know its concept:
Affiliate marketing or commission marketing is a method of profit from the Internet, meaning it is the purchase of a specific product from the Internet, in which there are many cancers. I began to use it and start marketing it to bring many visitors to their sites, and thus the marketer takes his commission in case of selling the product.
How do I get affiliate offers for Instagram marketing?
This depends on the audience you are targeting through your product marketing, whether your audience is Arab or foreign.
There are many affiliate marketing programs and there are also platforms that specialize in collecting a lot of offers in a place called the Affiliate Network, and in this way, choosing offers becomes very easy.
These are the most important programs and platforms to know with us;
1. Program Amazon Marketing commission 
2- Affiliate marketing program on
3. The program Jumia special marketing commission
4-  Click Lanka Company
2 – How to profit from Instagram in cooperation with companies and brands
Many international brands and companies resort to stars and celebrities to market their products by appearing in their ads because they have a great influence on their followers.
There are many brands that deal with influencers who have accounts on social media, especially Instagram.
3- Profit from Instagram through e-commerce
E-commerce is considered one of the most important ways and fields in our time, because science is a gathering that depends strongly on the idea of ​​shopping on the Internet.
Especially with the current pandemic that we are going through with myself, the covid 19 virus, e-commerce has become the most important trade for everyone across the world.
Thus, Instagram is an important and ideal marketing method for e-commerce on the Internet, because it is the first social networking site that institutes visual content that absolutely contains from customers.
4- Profit from Instagram through paid posts
This method is similar to the method we talked about earlier, in this way you can deal with influencers like you not with famous brands or companies.
For example, you are the content of your account talking about clothes and I own products related to them, I will pay you to publish content about this product.
5- Promote your services and business through Instagram
For example, if you are a website designer or a fashion designer, you can promote these services through your Instagram account, thus providing advice and benefiting your audience.
Also, it is not limited to design only, it is possible that you are a painter, photographer or even a lawyer. This does not apply as long as you can benefit your followers on your Instagram account.
6- Profit through Instagram by attracting visitors to your site
You can use Instagram to bring traffic to your site, as it may depend on profit from Adsense or through advertisements, and your site may be based on affiliate marketing.
As long as you own a site, I definitely need promotion, and the more you do, the more profits you will make.
7- Profit from Instagram by selling photo services 
There are many Instagram account holders who are looking for images that attract visitors and contain valuable information to publish to their followers. You can provide this service.
So all you have to do is search for different Instagram accounts for you to sell to them.
8 – Profit through Instagram accounts and marketing them
You, as an expert, can be responsible for managing the Instagram accounts of many people who are interested in having strong accounts, and you can also start managing an account for an influencer or the owner of a YouTube channel.
You can also manage an account for a restaurant owner or a clothing store owner, and you can start many services.
There are many companies in our Arab world that offer huge amounts of money for these services, and therefore there are many profit opportunities in this field.
I hope that today’s topic will be as good as your aspirations to deliver in the next topic.

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