How to make money from merch by amazon

Merch by Amazon
What is merch by amazon: merch amazon
was launched in 2015 and is a platform that offers custom printed clothing and products and displays this feature as “POD”

Amazon has been able to occupy a prominent position among e-commerce and cloud computing platforms and sites in recent times, due to the web services it has provided to its visitors, and it is noteworthy that Amazon has taken the title of the largest electronic retailer in terms of total sales and market value after 23 Years Working Hard, Performance Not Just Selling; Rather, it has become a destination that can be exploited in the trading of ordinary individuals through it to achieve profit and interest. It is possible to sell digital discs, download and download MP3 files, and a lot of services. Recently, the issue of profit from Amazon Merch has spread, so everyone is looking at how to profit from Amazon Merch in detail to catch up. .


What is Amazon Merch?

How to profit from Amazon Merch in detail

How to sign up for Amazon Merch

Amazon Merch Terms of Trade

Advantages of selling on Amazon Merch

What is Amazon Merch?

Merch by Amazon, before diving deep into the details of how to profit from Amazon Merch, it is necessary to first identify what is Amazon Merch, which is a global electronic platform launched by the famous American website to allow creators and designers to unleash their creativity and present and review their creative designs for T-shirts T-Shirt, and then selling T-shirt designs through the world’s largest e-commerce market, Amazon, and the benefit of this platform is to encourage the explosion of hidden talents and invest them to make a profit without any need to pay upfront costs.

How to profit from Amazon Merch in detail

The following are the most accurate details of how to profit from Amazon Merch, as those who adhere to the information can make profit online in abundance, and the most important information about this is:

Unleashing design talents to provide and create an unprecedented design, where it is required that the work is not plagiarized or copied, as innovation is the master of the situation.

adherence to product instructions; Like the size, for example, which should be 15 * 18 inches.

Determining the required information such as the price and a brief description of the product, in addition to the colors, sizes and target group.

Take control of your design, Amazon gives you control over your buying and selling.

The absence of any fears of stock shortages, as the site prints the design on the T-shirt after each confirmation of the purchase by the customer.

Amazon shipping to various parts of the world, as the designer disclaims responsibility for the shipping process and the services that follow, all it is is the design and upload it to the site.

The site is responsible for attracting new customers, and selling the design to them; Thus, making a greater profit.

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How to sign up for Amazon Merch

Login to the Amazon Merch website.

Upload the designer artwork for the T-shirt to Amazon Merch.

Presenting a distinctive design measuring 15 * 18 inches.


Determining the color, type, and price of the product.

Provide a brief description about the product.

Register with to create a product page by the site when purchasing the design.

Submit the design to the site.

Awaiting Amazon approval for the design and publication.

Deduction of production, shipping and customer service expenses from the sales value in the event that customers purchase the design, and thus the designer has obtained an integrated service without imposing any prior expenses.

Amazon is responsible for printing the design on the T-shirt and sending it to the customer.

The site provides the opportunity for the designer to make the design available via a direct link, and it can also be placed in a public link to make it easier to find on Amazon.

The ability for Amazon to send the design to other sites and get more money for the customer.

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Amazon Merch Terms of Trade

So that the designer can make profit from Amazon Merch; It is necessary to abide by a set of conditions imposed by the site itself, namely:

The necessity of residing within the borders of a country that is allowed to be dealt with as a seller on Amazon, and among the most important Arab countries allowed: Morocco , Oman , Egypt , Jordan , Algeria .

Have a local phone number.

Having a bank account number or an international credit card that can be purchased online.

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Advantages of selling on Amazon Merch

The possibility of obtaining the Prime shipping feature, as this feature provides the opportunity for customers to receive orders more quickly.

Amazon will bear all costs related to the unsold shares until the sale is made.

The site assumes responsibility for printing the design on the product after each confirmation of sale, based on global printing technology.

The possibility of bringing millions of customers around the world to buy your products.

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