How to make money from twitter


In this topic today, we will talk about Twitter;

Get to know us about what Twitter is
As we know that Twitter is  one of the most popular social networks after Facebook, because it comes in the second most terrifying in terms of the number of users who use this platform.
There are also many people who use Twitter and create accounts and publish tweets on Twitter, to get comments and likes and share the tweet in many places, and this is why all people want to increase the number of their followers through advertising stores.
But has this question ever crossed your mind, how do I profit from Twitter, and is there a way to profit from Twitter?
How do I make money from Twitter?
1- Profit from valores “followers”
You must know if your account does not contain many followers and a lot of comments does not have any benefit, and therefore you must first have an account that contains millions of followers, and the larger the number, the more benefit you and your online trade, and therefore I advise you to Support your account and we publish in it attractive topics to follow and inspiring photos and videos.
There is another thing that is more important, which is the hashtag, which is one of the most important things that are often talked about internationally, and you should use it in the tweet to reach the tweeter in the best and fastest way possible.
I warn you of the importance of the hashtag related to the topic you published, because Twitter is punished for it, and thus profits from the Internet are achieved perfectly.
2- Advertising companies through Twitter
After we apply the basics that we talked about, which is to provide a lot of followers and their activities on your account, you can now communicate with companies that are looking to advertise their products and goods, and you can also communicate with them if your account has a wide reputation, and therefore a single advertisement will have an abundant income of dollars .
So what you have to do is to publish the link of the company or the customer and add a picture or an advertising video to it, and so you will have achieved your goal and achieved the customer’s goal.
3- Profit from Affiliate Marketing on Twitter
Profit from affiliate or commission marketing, in short, useful as we talked about in our previous topic, is commission marketing, that is, selling in exchange for currency, so what you have to do is to subscribe to one of the sites that work in this field, and then you share a tweet containing an advertisement, an image or a video And add the appropriate Affiliate link related to you.
Meaning, if they click on this profit, they will transfer the customer to the company’s link, and therefore when he makes the purchase, you will have a percentage of it, and therefore you will have a percentage of the profits.
We hope that the issue is on the level.

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