New Adsense taxes and how to fill out a tax form


As we know that before 2021 the United States


The US was imposing taxes on YouTube content makers, and was getting 24% of their profits every year, and this law was in the form of content makers in it.

Since early 2021, specifically in the month of March 2021, the United States of America has changed some provisions of the tax code.
We will explain it to you in this example:
If you have a YouTube channel and you create educational, sports or educational content, you have a million monthly views on your own channel. Among these views, there are 10,000 American views from the United States of America. The AdSense account will calculate the tax on the profits of American views. Only if the profit coming from them is estimated at 100 US dollars, he will deduct 24% of your profits in favor of the US government, i.e. estimated at 24 dollars.
If the views on your channel are from all countries except America, there are no taxes on you.
How to fill out the tax form in Google Adsense before May 31, 2021:
1- Log in to your Adsense account
2- Click on Payments
3- Click on Settings
4- Go to the payment profile and click on the edit icon next to information about taxes in the United States of America
5- Click on Tax Information Management
6- On this page there is a guide page that helps you choose the appropriate form for your tax situation
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Submit your tax information to Google
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Depending on your location, Google may need to collect tax-related information from you. If you are required to provide your tax information to Google, you can do so from your AdSense account. Note that not all publishers are required to provide tax information.
Note: Make sure you submit your tax information before the 20th of the month so that you receive a payment in the same month.
How to submit your tax information
Sign in to your AdSense account.
Click Payments.
Click on Manage settings.
Go to your Payment Profile and click the edit icon Edit next to US Tax Information.
Click Manage Tax Information.
This page provides a guide to help you choose the right form for your tax situation.
Note: After submitting your tax information, please follow the instructions above to check the US Tax Information section of your payment profile for tax withholding rates that may apply to your payments.
You will also be able to make any adjustments in the event of any change in your personal or business circumstances. In the event of a change of address, please make sure that your modified permanent address matches both sections: “Permanent Resident Address” and “Legal Address”. This will ensure that your year-end tax forms (for example, 1099-MISC, 1099-K, and 1042-S) are delivered to the correct geographic location. If you reside in the United States, you must resubmit a W-9 form including your modified legal address.
change your name
The name on the payment profile is not associated with tax forms. If you change your name, you’ll need to update your tax information as well as your payments profile information.
If your payments are on hold because you must enter tax information, and if you submit your tax information only after the 20th of the month, you will not be eligible to receive a payment in that month’s payment cycle. If you submit your tax information after the 20th of the month, your earnings will be carried over to the next month and the payment will be issued in the next payment cycle.
Under the payment timeline, the monthly payment is issued between the 21st and 26th of the month, as long as you meet the payment threshold and all payment hold is removed by the 20th.
Note: We recommend that all publishers check the accuracy of their tax information on a regular basis. Google is not responsible for confirming or amending publisher tax information. For specific information regarding tax requirements in the United States, please visit the IRS website.

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