What is e-commerce and Benefits of e-commerce ?

A comprehensive guide to e-commerce
E-commerce is the process of buying and selling products or goods, by electronic means. E-commerce also refers to shopping from the Internet, online shopping, and electronic transactions. The popularity of electronic commerce has increased significantly and significantly over the past years. It has become competitive with traditional stores, in terms of marketing. .
E-commerce enables us, as pioneers, to sell and buy products globally, within 24 hours without incurring the trouble of overhead.
What is e-commerce?
Or rather, what does e-commerce mean?
E-commerce has seen a huge boom in the past decade, and the Internet has become important in our lives today.
In the early 2000s many people were reluctant to hand over their card details to online retailers, so e-commerce transactions created SSL certificates third-party encryption systems, such as Card , Worldpay Skrill , Paypal ,  to improve people’s trust in e-commerce.
Benefits of e-commerce
 E-commerce has provided many benefits for individuals, and has helped provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for community members, as they are now practicing the e-marketing function (buying and selling) from their own offices, from their homes or from their workplaces.
It also helped in providing job opportunities without the need for large capital, as well as achieving imaginary profits that were not produced by traditional stores.
And it opened the way for housewives and women without the trouble to leave their homes.
E-commerce is important and effective in the field of social development, as it took into account all circumstances and needs, and affected the category of retired people by creating job opportunities for them.
• It also allowed all individuals the opportunity without exception through the implementation of all electronic commercial transactions in a very short period, and anywhere on the surface of the earth.
She also helped send the products at a high speed and in a very easy way.
 It also helped express the personal opinions of individuals, to enhance the quality of the products, and this is done through the participation of products in groups through social networking sites.
Types of e-commerce
There are many models for those who wish to work through e-commerce, ie selling online.
• Business to Businesses from company to company
This concept applies to companies that prepare e-commerce activities to market or sell the products of other companies, as they usually use to sell raw materials such as selling parts to an auto parts store, for example.
Business to Customer 
 And this B2C concept or model that companies that sell to the last consumer follow, represent most of the patterns of electronic commerce.
Customer to Business 
Considered as a reflection of the traditional business model, where the consumer puts it at his disposal and the service of companies,   workana  is a platform for freelance  translators and is an example of this based on this type of relationship.
Customer to Customer
Concept C2C is a model which deals with relations between Almsthlkyin, Hoalomr at the level of popular discussion forums such as the open market or site OlX for   example – is a dedicated site for people in order to Abawa their goods used.
Advantages of e-commerce
 There are many differences between traditional commerce and electronic commerce, each of them has a different form in order to perform the same task, which is commerce. In traditional commerce, the worker must go to his shop himself and pay for the goods he chooses. As for electronic commerce, you can just click On your phone and computer, buy the products you want, no matter where you are.
Both traditional and electronic commerce have advantages and disadvantages, but e-commerce achieves unprecedented economic growth in terms of annual sales ratios, and it keeps pace with the era of development and technology, in a way of providing an integrated experience for consumers, and its advantages are:-
1- Speed ​​of purchase
E-commerce allows consumers to shop at any time and anywhere, it is not necessary for the consumer to move from one city to another to buy products or needs, just by selecting the products he is looking for and by clicking on them without any trouble, he can get them.
In addition to the availability of products in large quantities in front of consumers or subscribers, in the past the buyer was not able to purchase products except those made locally, but thanks to electronic commerce, he can buy from most countries of the world
2-Ease of shopping
E-commerce is one of the advantages of its availability around the clock and throughout the day, unlike traditional stores or stores, which adhere to a certain time, and the consumer is no longer limited to the stores that surround him only, he can buy any product he is looking for even if it is in the farthest point in the world .
E-commerce also provides the ease of searching for the products to be purchased by searching for them through the search bar and the quick browser, unlike traditional shops that incur the trouble and effort of the consumer to search for products.
3- Lower costs and scalability 
Establishing an online store does not require the project owner to rent a store to display his products or spend a huge amount of money in order to equip it, he can create an online store and launch it at the lowest cost in a record time, compared to the traditional store, and the establishment of branches and expansion does not need to search for other places as it is In the case of traditional trade, companies can make expansion leaps to large and distant geographical areas.
Also, electronic stores are not linked to a specific geographical region or location, but can be visited from any region in the world, which provides ease of digital spread, thanks to e-marketing and the great spread on social media, the expansion of marketing health has become easier, which makes electronic commerce more saving on the one hand. Cost, expansion and operation.
Thus, electronic commerce is superior to traditional commerce in many respects, in terms of savings and effort and in terms of costs as well.
Steps to start e-commerce 
In order to create a successful online store, you have to go through many steps and steps to learn and experience to make a profit, because the quick profit is false. Beware of falling into it. Successful people in e-commerce share one point, which is a work map that helps them enter the world of e-commerce. Following tips to help you:-
• A study the feasibility of your project for e-commerce
There is an essential step for the beginning of any project, and it is the feasibility study. Any project is not built on luck or intuition, but is based on study, research and gathering the basics and information needed to create a project whose foundation is as solid as rock. Therefore, you must study the feasibility in a good way in order to be prepared and fully aware of the project. Its technical and material aspects await you.
There are dozens of electronic stores in discussion in the world, and therefore, in order to create an online store, and obtain a share of the online market, you must determine your points that distinguish them from competing stores, you must think about the delivery service, and about making your customers the best among your competitors, and think In the loyalty programs that you can add to your customers, and you should try to find many content that should distinguish you from your competitors, to enhance your presence in front of customers.
 Choose the right products
The last thing you need to think about when creating an online store is that you try to display many products and categories that you think will bring you huge profits, as this will push the customer to go to the supermarkets instead of you.
 Now that you select your business model comes stage Market And Product Name Selection “ market selection and products that will put on the electronic store, and to do this the right way you have to look for the most products popular and best – selling stores other, either you own or your products own manufacture, you can go to customers And start collecting opinions about your goods or products so that you can know what products you will display in your online store.
• Calculate costs for an online store 
To create an online store, you have to rely on a plan and business model, so you have to calculate the costs of creating your online store because this depends on your budget, and for this, before dealing with the operation process, you should calculate the average costs of setting up an online store in 2021.
 To do this, you have to calculate the cost of the feasibility study and calculate the costs of designing the visual identity as well as the costs of domain and hosting for your store for a full year, and do not forget to obtain the SSL  certificate  that we mentioned earlier.
Determine the appropriate methods to pay for e-commerce 
So become our proper idea and decent appearance for our brand, and therefore it is time to develop a plan of action and Alchgaal and determine the necessary budget, we will set a timetable for our project and calculate the monthly costs in order to get to a point equal to the expenditure Ayi break – even point, after this will plan for Omoralokhry for example, the number of Mozvien, budget Marketing, delivery companies…
In order to start receiving profits from e-commerce, we must first plan a way for that to happen, for example: Can I provide your customers with cash payment upon receiving the product?! Or you will rely on the electronic payment method! You have to choose the right way to do it.
You can also pay through electronic cards, bank transfer, or mobile payment, there are several ways to do this.
6- How do I create my online store
Certainly, there are many ways to create electronic stores, either through e-commerce platforms, or by programming them completely.
The marketing process is very important. It is one of the basics of making profits in e-commerce, because even if the store is ideal, you will not get anything from it, if you do not attract suitable customers.
I hope that today’s topic will be at the level of your expectations, to be addressed in the next topic.

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